XXXXX must get a ton of pussy.

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Nice and clean after a quick shower. You know drug dealers must get all kinds of strung out pussy. When I say drugs I am not talking about edited by staff: no mention of drugs. All kinds of free pussy must be flung there way for some product. Hell I bet the edited by staff: no mention of drugs guys get pretty hot pussy. I bet it is so much that they are pretty much immune to it and just say pay me bitch 75% of the time.

Deep Thoughts.
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I have a theory. Basically a nice girl goes looking to score. Some guy starts throwing the stuff at her. She is loving it. He is getting free ass. Everyone is happy. Then he gets tired of her. Maybe because a new nice girl shows up on the block. So he tells her that she will have to start blowing the homies if she wants to stay on the stuff. And of course she does it. Then the friends get tired. So she has to start walking the street to earn the money to pay for the stuff.
  • Jet
  • 07-15-2010, 06:37 PM
I like your theory Spyder Toezzz...and its probably true for a few SW.
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It ain't free, maybe "discounted" they pay for it in one way or another. But then again, there are those girls that are just plain attracted to drug dealers and "bad" guys.
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I know that some females will do something strange for something other than a piece of of change... O_o

But for the most part I don't think that they go from a gang-bang queen to SW. Those types of women are few and far between. Believe me. I know.
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