Had a tough time on my visit. Info for travelers

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Since aspd it has been harder to connect with providers when traveling. I am glad to be home in Houston again. I went to a conference the last 2 days and was trying to find a nice incall provider in the area (Grapevine). Did not find much so I opted for an outcall and it was a real ordeal to get a reputable girl. Part of this was two providers I have seen and reviewed were unavailable by phone for reference. Also Latin sensations phone was turned off, this place knows me well. Finally the new agency Yoli and Paola from the old Sweet Cindis work for called me to verify info which I did and then when they spoke to the provider they told her that they were not sure who I was. I don't know why but I think the girl at the agency was being honest since she did not know me personally and could not speak to Yoli so there went my references. I had contacted another provider who initially said she could not make it and then called saying she was 15 min from my hotel. When she showed up she was in her car wanted me to come to car and give her part of the donation first, yeah right so I declined. I had another cute girl who was going to come out but when I was going to book her the other girl who wanted me to give her money in the parking lot had called and said was almost here so I ended up not booking with her. I tried to call her after our company dinner to see if still available and she was not. so I started to look again and figured I would try to get an agency and found this nice looking ad on eros http://www.dallas-eros.net/files/174954.htm Marcella 404-671-8419 and booked an hour later a blond girl shows up, old bait and switch. Declined her and went to bed at 3 am another girl black hair shows up from same agency declined her. I woke up frusterated and tired. Ohh well, you win some you loose some. I highly recommend getting pre screened before going to Dallas, I will next time I travel. I was so used to being a well established member on aspd that I did not used to have to ever worry about this. The three girls I really wanted to see were:

Audrey Anderson
Sexy Selena
Sexy Mia

Next time I will try to book ahead. If you are traveling don't make the same mistake I did.
Wow, talk about a tough time. You hung in there to the very end!

I went through the same thing once while in Atlanta for a week. Ended up with some cold fish of a gal of CL who was hot as hell in the looks department but the most disappointing lay I ever paid for. I wrote my first review on ASPD about her.

Hopefully, the next time you come to Dallas things will work out better.
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Gauranteed I will be prepared next time.
  • T-Can
  • 07-17-2010, 12:10 PM
Holy moly!!! You did hang in there til the end! Too bad you went to sleep defeated.

PM me next time you're in town and I may be able to help a brother out.