Review: Jessica lynn in Wichita

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Date: 5-12-13
Provider: Jessica lynn
Phone: 785.289.3029
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Address: West
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: CBJ, Mish, K9
Session Length: 1/2
Fee: 100
Hair Length and Color: Brown past her shoulders
Age: 21
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Cute. Petite. Pics & dimensions are accurate.
Recommendation: No
That is pretty much my experience . . . . . TWICE! When I saw her; I thought she was having an "off" night due to her baby sitting/transportation issues. Well no; same funky, lackluster attitude two nights in a row. People in this business should act interested and engages or find alternative work.
She is semi-cute, but I have never seen a review on her that would make me want to book an appointment.
Thank you! I thought I was the only one that got an ear full of attitude. Concur with all the no votes.
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Jessica was my first ever experience with an escort and I'm so glad it was her. I called her up and was very nervous waiting for her. She did run late getting to my location but was well worth the wait. First thing I noticed was her smile. She was very nice and ohhhh so cute to look at. I geve her the 2 bills, then We sat and talked on the couch for just a short moment when I mentioned us getting more comfortable. She stood up and casually started to undress. Wow...very petite and tight little body. Great ass and tits, although small, we're perfect for her. Her skin was very soft and you can't even tell that she has had any kids. She does have some tattoos that look good on her. She started with a handjob from between my legs while we talked some more and then she covered me up (from the GOLD package) and started with some amazing oral. Not just your normal up down, but all around and licking the tip. Then she continued oral from couch with her ass up in the air. Afterwards, she crawled up and stood in front of me while I licked her clean, smooth center. Tasted very good. Then she lowered down and slid down and rode me for quite some time. Then she got up, turned around and sat back down while I had a great view of her back and ass sliding up and down. Mentioned how much I would love her ass and she said that could be arranged for extra. Was well worth it. She tried to ride me again while I was in her ass. She was a bit uncomfortable with my size but was patient and did not complain at all, but rather seemed to enjoy it. Then we went into the bedroom and I did her ass doggystyle to finish. Afterwards, talked a little more while getting dressed. Got a small kiss and hug and a promise for another visit. Overall, it was some of the most amazing sex I had in some time. Guys, my advise....make sure to keep yourself clean and ready. Treat it like a little date for sex and you might have better luck. I have a bad leg and Jessica made it feel like no big deal. That made me feel good about myself, ecpessially with someone as beautiful as she is...inside and out.
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watch the dates, just giving you a heads up.
so you don't get in trouble...
They call this bumping an old post or thread.
People in this business should act interested and engages or find alternative work. Originally Posted by Sporty1200

Guys shouldnt give "providers" money/buisness if they dont like what the provider does. That's what we can control
If I was a girl I'd have no issues with doing whatever I felt like doing while i get my money up front.
Some of the girls around here seem that way.
That's why you only see those with great reviews.
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Pls do not bump review beyond 30days old. If you want to write a review then pls do so accordingly.