Review: Reagan Drake

Date: 7-18-10
Provider: Reagan Drake
Phone: 817-932-2869
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas
Address: north of downtown Fort Worth not far from I35.
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: LFK, DATY, breast sucking (hers), DATO, BBBJ, CFS and Greek.
Session Length: 30 minutes
Fee: $$
Hair Length and Color: Dark black to past her shoulders but I noticed hair extensions so I am not sure what length her true hair is.
Age: 44
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: 5'6, probably around 155lbs, bright smile, 36D MM breasts, dark black hair and brown eyes. One large tattoo on her lower back.
Recommendation: No
I had a good time with her. sorry you didnt. the pics are a few years old.

As much as the topic of old pics is discussed, it's amazing someone hasn't already pointed that out. Thanks for your candid review!

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Very informative review, Thanks!
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I have seen Reagan and found her to be right on top of things so to speak. She takes care to make you feel special and is a very passionate lover. As far as the greek goes well it is an asshole you are sticking your dick into and sometimes shit happens, not pleasant but one of lifes realities. As far as your assumtion that she was not going to shower or change the sheets is just that "your assumtion" and not at all likely. She is a very clean and fastidious person and a professional when it comes to business, after our greek she immediately went and bathed then came back for round two. I have found that in the hobby world most of the time what you get out of an experience is equal to what you put into it. I am by no means Reagans WK but what you experienced is not even close to what I got out of my visits with her. She is 44 yrs old and not the hard body type but she takes care of herself and can be as nasty as you want her to be. Thats all I have to say about that.
First and foremost, it is inappropriate and against ECCIE rules to reveal details from the ROS section of a review in an open forum. Secondly, you were not at my session with Reagan so I suggest you simply stick to reporting your experiences vs. attempting to refute mine. Lastly, you resurrected/ bumped a review that was over 30 days old. I was dispassionate and accurate in my review and I stand by the comments I made in the ROS section of my review.
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Wow, spank me dude! Sorry for steppin on your review and while it is true I wasn't at your session with her you wren't there after to see how her housekeepin was. Sorry your time with her wasn't what you expected.
Wow, why are you hating on Reagan Spongebob? They will not all be your ATF, and you are not deciding on a SO. The $200 for 30 mins, is a bit steep for her. It seems she did her job, and unless she has put on a lot of weight in the past several months, she is not 155. Maybe you two just didn't click. She seems to be trying to deal with some issues. I would see her again...
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155 Lbs??? I think not! 130 # maybe. For $$ I get every bit of my hour and maybe a few mins extra. Attitude & chemistry has a lot to do with how you are treated with these ladies. No need to be rude.
Rachet: With all due respect, you are entitled to your assessment of this provider as I am to mine. Apparently unless a review of a provider matches your experience with said provider you consider it is a sign of being rude. Well, we happen to disagree. Again, I was at this session, not you, so I stand by every detail of my review.

Roundpound: Since when does a candid review equate to "hating"? <-- A rhetorical question. Apparently only flattering reviews are acceptable under your rules for this board.
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I don't really care what kind of session you had with her, my biggest complaint was your assumtions about her "housekeeping" which you had no idea about since you weren't there either. That was the reason for the "rude" comment. You didn't have a good time, ok, no need to disparage the lady. Don't see her again, pretty sure she won't mind. Get over it already.
Rachet: Seems like you have something invested in Reagan because you keep coming to her defense. I didn't disparage, i simply conveyed the details of my experience. So far as Reagan's housekeeping habits, you were not there and I was. There were more details involved than I placed in ROS which led me to the conclusions I came to. Now why don't you let it go and move onto WK'ing for another provider!! You chose to reveal details from my ROS in an open forum and resurrected a review that was over 30 days old. I would say you are the one who should have let it go!!
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Over it guy. Sorry I revealed some of your ROS details, won't happen again. BTW, nothing invested in RD just happen to enjoy her company. Have a nice day.
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I have a complaint sort of related to ROS details. OK, I get it that there are ROS details the rest of us cannot see. HOWEVER, if your recommendation is "NO", then isn't it fair to include something, some tidbit of information, for general consumption as to why you say "no"?
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Auggie, thanks for the review and all the ROS details including housekeeping. RD was on the top of my to do list but it was in the back of my mind that the pics might not be accurate so I hesitated; glad I did.