Review: German Princess

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WTF? Where's the ROS? For $350.00 I would have had a 10 paragraph Summary of what went on!
Any stretch marks on stomach ? That area is covered in all her pictures Originally Posted by amadeus456
None that I can remember. She's in good shape. Maybe not an everyday person at the gym, but it's obvious she regularly works out, or if she doesn't, she has amazing genes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with her body, that's for sure. At least in my opinion.

*Edit - that's wrong. She does have a slight ripple on her stomach from childbirth. I just forgot about it until now. She is in good shape. She's self conscious about the ridge. It wasn't distracting for me, but it might be for someone else.

I imagine we'll get a real review at some point. I enjoyed my time with her, I'll say that, but it was about a month ago or so.
I didn't negotiate, if that's what you're asking.
Originally Posted by proudoftexas
Didn't see him say anything about your business skills, just asked what you paid.
As there was no info on that presented, and she is being offlisted due to her rates by many, it seems like a fair question.

Which still has not been answered...

I think we all get the jist...

Guys that spend that kind of money are welcome to do so...
Most of us will just kinda chuckle at you...

He asked if that was the price I paid. I chose not to answer. You can take that any way you want. Shockingly, my need for approval from you or anyone else on this site is pretty low. I'm not her pimp. If she's being offlisted due to her price, that's her problem, not mine.
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I need to get my ass licked, my balls washed and my teeth cleaned to pay that price. Oh yeah, and a bbbj cim, cof, etc... Originally Posted by The Squirtest