Info on Body Rub Michelle?

She adv on BP working at I10-Greenhouse Rd - Lots of Ads but no reviews!
832-267-1947 - Pics lead back to Ads? Any History?

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So, in a previous ad she indicates she works with someone named "Sandy"
Masseuse's Phone:

Masseuse's Location: Houston, Texas
Masseuse's Age: 29
Date of Masseuse's Post: 2013-05-21 13:45:00
A warm relaxing stress-free awaits you Lose
your self from the stress of the day
with an old Fashioned swedish
style sensual-body-rub..
mitchelle call for a appt.832-267-1947
Sandy call for appt..:-)713-355-0644Me and my friends are on xxxBlackBook soooo you can find us all on there if you want... sweetNsmooth

And a review of Sandy............
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Indeed, used to be @west little york/clay, then Galleria and on to where she is now.

I'd not waste my time.
After reading all the reviews, it looks like an upsell, or a short change, on time, for Sandy who is probably Michelle! As a suggestion if one goes in at 80 per hour, then upsells her by adding tips for her time, and services! Her pics makes are inviting, but be ready for some drama, and a challenge! Thanks for the info!
  • txsjj
  • 06-25-2013, 11:46 AM
Michelle quoted me $120 per hr. I did not make an appointment.
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Sandy and Michelle are 2 different ladies. They have incredible bodies and do a decent body rub. If you want a hot body to rub you down and let you touch her, this is your girl. It's also in a decent location.
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I've seen Sandy in the past, ok. Made an appt with Michelle a couple of days ago, she was about 30 years beyond her posted age, so I walked, didn't look back.
  • txsjj
  • 06-26-2013, 11:35 AM
she was about 30 years beyond her posted age, so I walked, didn't look back

So was it just her face that looked like 59 or her whole body?
Her body looks 33 or so. Big bolt ons, big ol booty, flat stomach
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Didn't even get that far to see her body, she had scrubs on. Face looked pretty old.
Sorry for the old bump but does anyone still have contact with any of the two if so could u pm me ....

Or seen ad on bp or any other type of info