Review: Hi Q - Third Time Wasn't a Charm - Grace

Date: late July
Provider: Grace
Phone: 785-331-7738
Email Address: -
URL / Website: -
City: Lawrence
State: Kansas
Address: -
Appointment Type: Spa
Activities: massage
Session Length: 60 min
Fee: 60
Hair Length and Color: shoulder length black
Age: mid-late 20s
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: Asian
Physical Description: Mid-late 20s Chinese girl. Maybe 5'6". Attractive. After seeing her 3 times, her looks have grown on me. Sweet personality.
Recommendation: No
Adeptus32's Avatar
Thank you for sharing your experience. The info will be valuable to the community. Unfortunately, since no activities took place, it does not qualify for PA credit.