Review: BP Vanessa

Date: 8/28/2013
Provider: Vanessa
Phone: 469-207-2047
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Address: I-35 and Regal
Appointment Type: Incall
Activities: CBJ, CFS
Session Length: 30
Fee: $100
Hair Color and Length: Well the wig color was blonde lol.
Age: says 25, not sure about that.
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Not quite a spinner but short. Perky little tits, and a firm ass.
Recommendation: Yes
catbanger's Avatar
She's a good ride if you can get passed the wig.
She was fun, for what it was. That wig just had me rolling after i left
Dontarrestme's Avatar
I've seen her adds forever. Thought she looked hot but silly in that wig. I assumed it was to hide her identity in her adds, I can't believe she wears it in a session.
ChevyGuy214's Avatar
haha @ the wig.