Best comdom for max pleasure

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What is the best comdom you have used for max pleasure:
Crown and Kimono are both excellent. Very few ladies will supply anything other than the standard industrial strength Trojans and Magnums. Good to bring your own Crown or Kimono.

There were also some non-latex that were good but the name escapes me.

Lambskin are good for pregnancy prevention and they'll block bacteria but not viruses.
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I believe Skyns are non latex and come in sizes too.
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Skyns are by far the best I've used, and non latex in case of allergies.
Inspirals were the best, but Trojan bought the design and rebranded the condom as Trojan Twisted. Use to have custom made condoms from a website, can't remember the name but they were a perfect fit. Problem now is, SO at home so can't really have those coming to the house. Funny thing is for the longest time in the RW I wore the wrong sized condoms, too small until i starte in the hobby and luck would have it my first provider i saw years ago (Casey of Dallas) educated me on the best fit for me and ever since I've been greatfull for that. Lucky me.