Review: EROS bait and switch nightmare

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Date: 05/2011
Provider: Melissa or Mel on Eros
Phone: 832-845-9730
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Houston
State: Texas
Address: Hwy 59 S
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: Cbj, mish, k9
Session Length: 30 min
Fee: $$$
Hair Color and Length: Blonde shoulder length
Age: 35-40?
Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Not the girl from website. Bait and switch
She had a nice body. Thin, stripper athletic, Scarred bolt ons, and some tummy stretch marks.
A few small tats and one bad attitude.
Recommendation: No
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WTF sorry about your bad time
You wrote a review of someone you seen almost 2 1/2 years ago.
This is worthless.
I can't tell you how many times I have looked at those pics and wondered but I always knew it had to be TGTBT.
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Yeah I heard about Mel.. she is no good, sorry to hear about your bad experience.
When in NY/Nj I too look into Eros. It was one of the best sources. I used the eroticreview to check if the girls were legit.

One in Tx noted Eros is worthless n overpriced pussy n this n 411 the tool for here.

Sorry for ur bad experience. There are lots of sore pussy out there, especially AMPs. That is why I don't go to mama San anymore. Low quality, CBj, n sore pussy!
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Your review is dated 5/11. Why are you writing this now? A lot can change in 2 1/2 years. If the date is correct then waiting so long to do a review is kind of pointless. Of your three reviews one was written the day of, one was written 3 months later, then this one is over 2 years old. I hope the next one wlll be a current one so it will be more beneficial for those that want to know the providers current level of service.
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10-4. Like I mentioned, I just wrote it because I notice she was still on there advertising. Yeah, take the date into consideration. I check old reviews anyway. If there is a history of a this kind of behavior, people should know. I don't see why I shouldn't share my experience.
Thank you for the information. It is still useful.