Website for exposing johns...

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I got this from the National board here on eccie. I hope I am putting it in the right place...just thought I would never know.


So, this is my first time posting in the nationl forum but hey, first time for everything right. like most hobbyist's I am very careful about my mongering, I have a pretty damn good life and I would just as soon not have that life and my mongering life cross paths. So imagine my surprise when I see this text message on my mongering phone...

+120*******8 JJ Add
10/21/13 2:13 PM 5 days ago

+120*******8 JJ: *ALERT* You are listed on @#$-763-*(&# for soliciting a prostitute online for sex. Go to the above link to Delete your profile.

Does anybody have any info at all about these folks. Really feels like a scam for money to me. Although I sure wish I knew how they got that number. luckily for me, its just a online number that is not in anyway associated with the physical me. (that I am aware of). So, whats your take, anyone seen this before? Originally Posted by freeman101
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Mods...i did not think this was an alert or anything so I placed it here in Co-ed. If i am wrong please move it.


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I remember something in the news here in SA recently that sounded oddly similar. Websites posting mugshots and info on you for public viewing. But you could pay X amount of dollars and they would take your info down. I believe they were calling it "legal extortion."