Review: Lovely Linda - L3 in Plano (relax Spa)

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Date: 2/24/14
Provider: Linda
Phone: 972-388-4689
Email Address: -
URL / Website:
City: Plano
State: Texas
Address: 15th/custer
Appointment Type: Spa
Activities: L1, L2, L3
Session Length: 90 min
Fee: 100 + 120
Hair Length and Color: Short, black
Age: 30's
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: 5'2...Smoking hot body... Little mouth size tits and hard ass. Great smile
Recommendation: Yes
Thanks for signing up today and I'm certain the spa in Plano is thrilled that you plastered it all across the headline for all to see. sheesh.

Where's JPdM when you need him....
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  • Dingo
  • 02-24-2014, 07:47 PM
Wow great review. What do think is going to happen to her when her boss reads this review. Most of the Plano AMPs don't want reviews. What are you LE setting up a bait shop?
You say there's L3 available at a spa in Plano? I say well not anymore after you posted about it. Real nice play there Romo. Suburban AMP .NEQ. Dallas AMP. Figure it out.
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It sounds more like he is the boss and is trying to drum up business.

Or Linda wouldn't give him what he wanted and he is trying to get her fired.
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Wow. $220
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Wow. $220 Originally Posted by Georgy9803
IF you are in a suburban AMP that provides more than L1, you will find the services purchased a la carte are more than a FS AMP.

That's why the buffet is the best value.
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Just curious....

We have post of FS AMPs... Backpage girls... FS incall girls.
Why would the LE ignore all of those and sting this place?

Not saying we should post everything, but wgy the " end of the world " attack cause this guy said he received L3... Am I missing something?
Often a review like this one spells the beginning of the end for a Richardson or Plano parlor. The only exception seemed to be Sunny on Mapleshade, which lasted a long time before it went away. Not sure I'd put all the details into the header, but it probably does not matter.
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Thanks Ghost. This was my first review and was happy about getting FS in Plano. Not sure why the verbal attacks? Maybe I should tone down my reviews, but didn't think it was that bad.... Oh well, on to the next AMP
Posting details within PRIVATE tags about L3 occurring at Dallas AMPs is common. L3 occurring at Dallas AMPs is common. Posting details in any way about L3 occurring at a suburban AMP/spa often brings unwanted attention to that spa on the part of local suburban LE or raises the ire of that spa's management who are concerned about LE and getting shut down. L3 occurring at suburban spas is much less common than it is at Dallas AMPs. Many suburban spas have "no review" preferences particularly if there are extracurricular activities such as L3 going on there. I can't make it any clearer than that.
I've had occasion to be near this AMP recently and I noticed LE cruising around and checking out parked cars. Likely running plates to check for warrants. I'm noticing more LE cars around this corner than there used to be.

I'm a newbie and probably more paranoid about LE than many of you, but I assume that this AMP is on their radar.
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I am very familiar with this area. This place is very 'front and center' considering the location and the attention it has gotten here. I walked in and out of this place a few days ago. I didn't particularly like what I saw inside and it didn't feel right there so I didn't stay.
don't let these kids discourage you from doing another review,,,,i seem to remember quite a few reviews of plano amps,,,,you cant win son if you left all the info out then they would be crying about that too
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I was there recently, did not get L1, but I could tell she was being extremely careful. It was up to me to ask, not up to her to offer. And I can understand after the rash of closings. But on the other hand, I see new ones opening up as fast as they close. In some cases, the very same location. So I'm not too worried about it.
What I didn't like about this location was the door covered with a curtain, instead of a shut locked door. I got a good massage from a pretty lady, me just testing the water, but think I will test other options next.