Ninotsugi, I've had enough of your shit!!!

I do not care anymore, enough is fucking enough!
I am sick to death of whatever this bitches motive is to try to sabotage shit.
U need to sit your fugly, drama filled ass down and go stalk someone who gives a shit and will bow down to your no ass self!

Stop with the fucking stupid BP ads, with your writing style on them

Stop with making male handles to try to satiate whatever ails you!

And for the love, find something to occupy your time other than foaming out the mouth over simple me!
Quit being bitter about getting yourself banned and take it like a good little girl because your actions are showing you to be a big baby, instead of the courtesan you say you are lmao!

Mods, I understand if I get pointed or banned for my actions, but enough is enough with this bitch!
Seems to be Mississippi drama, why post it in NOLA?
Disilene, while I understand your concern, her animosity has made it on both regions
Real Estate Sales must be slow on the Coast if she has that much time on her hands to keep fucking with you.
Lmao, I'm thinking the same exact flipping thing! Ya know, I wonder if she is jealous or is she having wet dreams about me, and it's killing her?
Seriously, that bitch is FUGLY...

Just sent you an email
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I dont see the pics? annie
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Is it me, or is seeing Flora this mad makes you want to fuck her like crazy?? LOL
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Flora, I've searched for all of the posts on BP that I could find and flagged them. In addition, I have sent a contact form advising them that the person involved in those posts is spreading false information and has crossed the legal line of, "Defamation of Character", due to the outright false and inaccurate information they are spreading. Hope this helps, as I have done this on the MS and LA listings.

With that being said, obviously the person(s) attacking Flora do not really know her. I first met her about 6 or 7 years ago and it has been a life changing experience. She is one of the most sincere people you could ever meet and has a heart of gold, so much so that it was her persona that had me walk away from the hobby for many years, just so I could be a close and meaningful friend with her and not have hobby implications get in the way. Before anyone asks, no, we are not in a relationship and never have been, we are actually too good of friends to do that. Being close friends has allowed me to see deeply into her personal life and I am infuriated with the attacks on this intelligent, well respected woman. And as for as hearing word from this attacker(s) of how she treats her kids, those attacks had better stop here and now. Flora's life revolves around them, and like any other mother, they are her whole world and she would never do anything to put them in harms way. How dare you bring them into this, it take someone with serious issues to do that!!!!

Now, to whom it may concern, get a life of your own!!! Make some friends and enjoy life, cuz you only get one chance at it, just don't do it at the painful expense of others, because sometimes it comes back at you, ten times worse!!!

I'm off my soap box now, but I just couldn't sit back and watch a very dear friend of mine get unfairly represented. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss anything I've said.
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Something worked, all links go to banned or no longer active.

Sorry for the BS drama, moon phase or something. Sure has been way to much lately
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Is it me, or is seeing Flora this mad makes you want to fuck her like crazy?? LOL Originally Posted by Muck_Se
It's not just you!
lol, I'm sorry that I blew up as I did, but dammit!
On a more pleasant note, line up boys.
gotta love hooktard meltdowns
Flora is feisty
Thank goodness for small favors