Congratulations Ember!! You are PROVIDER of the DAY!!:)

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Good Morning Everyone!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend, Ember Simmers, for being PROVIDER of the DAY!!

Although, the PROVIDER of the DAY is selected randomly I would like to THANK YOU for being YOU!! You are an AMAZING friend who motivates and inspires me to be ALL that I can BE!!

From one provider to another... I would like to say THANK YOU for your PROFESSIONALISM in regards to reference requests, time management and your savvy business advice..

To all of the ladies who tour... you have a TOUGH job when you are on the road...strange cities and lonely hotel rooms can take a toll on your mental game... So, I would like to say that you have my utmost regard and respect for ALL that you BRING TO SAN ANTONIO!!

I am lucky to not only have an AMAZING BEST FRIEND but I also reside in a city where the LADIES are all FIRST CLASS!! Thank you my San Antonio Sisters for all that you do. .. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Your adoring slave,

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Congratulations Ember
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What a gorgeous pic! And CONGRATS! XOXOXO
What an awesome thing to wake up to!!!
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Awesome! Congratulations!!
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  • ttmax
  • 01-04-2014, 09:17 AM
Yes, thank you ladies for all you do for us HOBBIEST!
Congrats to a FINE lady!!
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  • Netx9
  • 01-04-2014, 10:21 AM
What an awesome thing to wake up to!!!
Lol Originally Posted by Ember Simmers
... But I'm not laying next to you?!?!

JK, random or not, the praise is well earned... So I hear and would love to find out personally!
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Anyone can be a local favorite hottie sitting in the same city or state continuously, thats easy.
To be able to go to many different states and coasts, survive AND be the favored hottie in ALL those places, THATS a touring escort at her finest!

I see Ember in many places and have definitely heard good things! I dont know her personally, but she's very sweet and helpful for reference checks!
I travel everywhere- There's Very few online escorts who tour and are known by name, Ember definitely IS
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Congrats Ember,

You're such a hottie!!

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I realize I'm late in congratulating you, but my wishes are no less sincere.
You are the best and hope the new year is good to you. Definitely getting off to a good start. Lots o' love!!